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We would love to help you with your next event or simply deliverbagels to your doorstep.  Because HBC insists on serving only 100% fresh, "made same day" bagels, your order is not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email.

Please check our Menu and submit your request below.   48 hours notice, please.

* Minimum Order $15 (35209); $25 (Other Areas within 7 miles of 35209)

* Prices based on Menu + (optional) $10+ catering fee

*Regular bagels by the dozen or 1/2 dozen (Choose your variety; if ordering whole wheat must order 3)

* Baglets  in quantities of 9, 18, or 36 (We choose the variety, you specify flavors you DO NOT want)

* Weekday delivery 6AM- 9AM; Weekend 7AM-10AM. No deliveries on Saturdays or blackout dates. 


How are my bagels delivered? A standard delivery includes whole bagels  in a brown HBC paper bag. No frills, but perfect for preservation and storage for 3-4 days on the counter. For an optional $10+ there's the HBC catering package, which includes an HBC delivery box, napkins, plates, knives, and your bagels prepared as you like them (sliced, toasted, spread, etc).  Finally, to really WOW your guests, request information about our HBC Bagel Bar (pictured). Please note if you need catering.

Can I save my bagels for later? Absolutely! If done correctly, frozen bagels are just as tasty long after purchase. First, place them in their HBC paper bag or wrap them in tin foil.  Next (and this is important), place then in a plastic Ziploc bag (be sure to get all the air out!) in the freezer. When ready to enjoy, microwave the bagel on the "defrost" setting or ~30 seconds. Enjoy for up to 6 months! 

See our Menu HERE. 

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OUR process

Over 12 hours of hand-mixing and rolling, cold-proofing, and malt-boiling coaxes six simple ingredients into a chewy, yet perfectly crackly, bagel. Our HBC bakers are artisans, mixing and rolling the bagels into the perfect shape, then putting them in the fridge for an overnight "nap", before boiling and baking them fresh for you the next morning! HBC also handcrafts its own cream cheeses from only the freshest ingredients, which pair with the bagels for an amazing meal.


About hbc

HBC is a family-owned bagel shop featuring handcrafted, fresh bagels made in Homewood, Alabama.  HBC owners Joe and Ginny are raising their three kids in Homewood and while they couldn't imagine living anywhere else, weekends often found them venturing to surrounding areas in search of a good bagel. One such morning, they thought to themselves, "Why doesn't Homewood have a bagel shop?" And the idea for HBC was born. After nearly a year of testing recipes, doing tons of market research, and baking hundreds of batches of bagels, they've landed on the perfect bagel  – soft and chewy on the inside, with a crunchy, blistered outside crust. 

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All bagels are not created equal. HBC loves Homewood, and we hope Homewood will love HBC handcrafted bagels & cream cheese as much as we do!  


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