Run, don’t walk. Owners are so nice, bagels and spreads are amazing. Really hope they can find the perfect brick and mortar spot in Homewood!
— Amy
Just tasted HBC catering for the first time at Wild Things. Delicious! The asiago bagel and loaded cream cheese were fantastic! Put lox on the menu and I may never buy a bagel anywhere else again.
— Meredith
HBC is a much needed addition to Homewood. Joe and Ginny have really perfected their handcrafted bagels! We absolutely love the rosemary asiago, pepper jack, jalapeño, and everything bagels. Also would recommend the loaded cream cheese. Highly recommend giving them a try for deliveries and checking out the pop-ups this spring!
— Allison
What a treat! Fresh bagels right from the oven and oh so many flavors! Couple that with the wonderful variety of cream cheeses and you have a match made in heaven! Good job Ginny & Joe, we will be doing this on a regular basis at the office, home too!
— Kathy
These bagels are amazing! They were delivered to my front door exactly at the time I was told. They are perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The cream cheese with the cheese, bacon, and chives is to die for! These will be a staple at our house from now on!
— Jacey