HBC is a family-owned bagel shop founded in January 2017. HBC is known for their handcrafted, fresh bagels made in Homewood, Alabama. HBC owners Joe and Ginny are raising their four kids in Homewood, and while they couldn't imagine living anywhere else, weekends often found them venturing to surrounding areas in search of a good bagel.

One such morning, they thought to themselves, "Why doesn't Homewood have a bagel shop?" And the idea for HBC was born. After nearly a year of testing recipes, doing tons of market research, and baking hundreds of batches of bagels, they've landed on the perfect bagel – soft and chewy on the inside, with a crunchy, blistered outside crust.

The Leavens were overwhelmed by the success of their bagels in the Homewood community! Catering orders, delivery, and special events left them sold out week after week. After receiving so much community love, support, and encouragement, the Leavens decided it was time to officially open a brick and mortar store in Homewood, AL.

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All bagels are not created equal. HBC loves Homewood, and we are so thankful Homewood loves HBC handcrafted bagels & cream cheese as much as we do!

About the Homewood Bagel Company (HBC)